ESG Financial

ESG Financial invests in outcomes that create positive change in the world.


We design and provide secured, flexible, customized credit solutions for our clients and partners that pair social and environmental outcomes with positive economic returns.


We empower you to align your money with your values.


Who We Are

ESG Financial is empowering corporations, non-profits, foundations and individuals to align their money with their values. We are a minority and women-led, values-based company that accelerates social innovation and change through consciously committed capital.


We are creating a new model to unite under collective ideals and direct capital to tackle some of the world’s most pressing global challenges.


Our Focus


Impact Focused Credit Solutions

ESG Financial amplifies every dollar of capital for the greater good through innovative social finance, ESG investment, technology and partnerships. 

What we invest in reflects what we stand for. Our impact investment portfolio focuses on: environment, women, health and wellness, affordable housing, diversity, education, and indigenous engagement. All of our actions support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Community and Retail Platform

Rallius exists to align your financial decisions with the ideas, causes, opportunities and movements you care about. 

Every action, no matter how small, sets something in motion. In a world where how we spend says so much about what we value, how you save, invest and spend your money should reflect that.


In the News


The Future of Impact Investing in Canada

ESG Financial founder Geeta Sankappanavar believes investors should always understand the lens with which they view the world in order to understand the biases we all bring to it. Check out her interview with The Future Economy.

If you are working in media and interested in learning more about ESG Financial, or speaking with one of our executives, please contact us!


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